Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith graduated in London from the Royal College of Art in 2000 and from Goldsmiths' College in 1994. After her completion of a two year Picker Fellowship at Kingston University in 2003, she returned to Germany organizing international T.a.T.(pure action in art in action) Performance Art Workshops and City site-specific 12-hour Marathon Performance Art Workshops called 'Werktag'.

She has been organizing public events with Live Performances and exhibitions in the Art House ‘kunstwirkstoff’ in the countryside of Germany and developing the international event -transitstation- taking place in London 2003, Berlin 2005, Edinburgh 2006 and Copenhagen in 2010. Transitstation Copenhagen has been a collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy of Art. Live Actions and exhibitions took place in the USA,

selected exhibitions and events

She curated and participated at MPA-B Performance Art Weekend 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 at Berlin, Gallery Cell63  

2015 presented Live Performances and Performance Art Workshops at 1st and 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival 2013 and 2014

Live Performance Work – Epitelesis Athens 2014 at Art Wall Gallery, Project Space

2015 Lapsody - Performance Art Conference, Helsinki

2015 organised Berlin Performance Art Workshop, first facilitation collaboration with artists Zierle&Carter

2015 organised Athens Performance Art Workshop - The Marathon - hosted by Epitelesis second facilitation collaboration with artists Zierle&Carter, Francesco Kiais and PASHIAS

2015 China Live Art Tour #2, Beijing, Tianjin, Shen Zhen organised by Cai Qing

2016 Solo Exhibition and Live Performance Kunstförderverein Schoeningen, Germany

2016 Exhibition and Live Performance – Parabiosis Changjian Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqin China

2016 organised 2nd Art Performance Event London - Razzmatazz II ::: Fishing for One, Support, Curating and Scheduling by Naz Balkaya and Emily Demetriou, an off-site field Performance Art Event with Fine Art Students of Kingston University and other Universities

2016 Cell63 meets My Performance, 4th Berlin International Performance Art Weekend  - North North East, South South West and 360 °  director Luisa Catucci, curated by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith and Dirk Thorwarth

2016 June Facilitating Performance Art Workshop  - Wind in the China Cup Affair - Beijing, China, supported by Goethe Institute and Institute of Provocation Beijing

2016 Open Art Festival E-Werk Freiburg, Live Performance and Experimental Sound, Collaboration as Eru and Seven of Eglise

2016 Klangwirkstoff Event BlO Gelände Berlin, Live Performance and Experimental Sound, Collaboration as Eru and Seven of Eglise

2016 IMAF 2016, Serbia Live Performances at Odžaci and Novi Sad

2016 PLUS MOTION, Performance Art Event Cyprus Nicosia with Performance Art Workshop Facilitators Francesco Kiais, Zierle and Carter, PASHIAS and Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith hosted and organise by Sensorium Space, Nicolina Stylianou followed by         The Marathon International Performance Artworkshop Cyprus 2016

2016 organised 3rd Art Performance Event London Performing Borders with Performance Seminar and - Razzmatazz III ::: INside Root  Support, Curating and Scheduling by Sadegh Aleahmad, Naz Balkaya and Emily Demetriou,  off-site field Performance Art Event with International Artists and Fine Art Students of Kingston University and other Universities

2016 Live Performance Brussels the Cell63 Berlin Extravaganza, Espace St Bernard

2017  London organised, curated and participation Performance Art Event, Razzmatazz Volume 4

2017 Berlin organised, curated and participation at International Performance Art Weekend at Cell63,  followed by  - The Marathon –                  3.  International Performance Art Workshop

2017 Cyprus facilitated Performance Art Workshop Nicosia, and participation with Live Performance at - Tactile Bodies - Performance Art Event organised by Sensorium Space

July 2017 Kassel, curator, Cai Qing, Art Now Live Tour # 3

September 2017 Hannover Germany, performance#extra organised by Ilka Theurich, participation with durational Live Performance

September 2017   Turkey,  Art Cultural Exchange, Residency and Exhibition with Live Performance in Seben/Bolu

October 2017    Hong Kong  Performance Festival 2017 Crossing Border  -  Border Crossing  - Mo (ve) ment , organised by  Andrew Lam (MOST) Hong Kong with Live Performances, Workshop and Lecture

Exhibitions in Germany, UK, France, Scotland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Cyprus, Finland, China, Greece, private collections in Jalandhar, India.

Glausnitzer-Smith examines several aspects of collecting objects, the re-collection of past ideas and images, voice and autobiography by means of ‘Performance for the Camera’ where the understanding of ‘self’ as portraiture is seen as a two-dimensional layer.  Photographic images reflect a temporary trueness to the artist’s enquiry and inventive methods to re-position herself in the world of life’s occurrences.

Places for Glausnitzer-Smith’s work concentrate in virtual spaces (website-project), temporary floors, site-specific places, the Public, International Festivals and Events, Radio Interviews, Books and Publications, Essays, Open Studio, appointed situations and invented public projects.

She lives and works in Braunschweig and London, Senior Lecturer at Kingston University and is external examiner and visiting lecturer in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Halle.


Nanna Lysholt-Hansen, Exhibition Catalogue, Kingston University, limited Edition 2005

Leben, Lieben, Leiden, Kerber Verlag, Young Edition. Exhibition Catalogue 2010, Text for E.Förster. ISBN: 978-3-86678-394-2

Bahnhofstrasse 33, Art Photography Book, produced Berlin October 2011

by Glausnitzer-Smith and Nico Jäckel.                                                                                                                                    

ISBN 978-3-00-035199-0

Halle University Year Book 2012, Text on Maria Einert

This not a School. Book

Five Years Publications, October 1, 2012  Authors: Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith and other authors.This Is Not A School. An open programme of free events in critical response to the idea of ‘free school’ and was presented at Five Years, London October 2011.

ISBN 978-1-903724

(Im)Possible School Book: As Found.

Five Years Publications, October 1, 2013Authors: Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith, p.42-43 and other authors(Im)Possible School Book : As Found. A production in response to an invitation from Tate’s schools and teachers team to collaborate with their 2012 summer school. Open submission publication free from editorial interference, presented as a second edition. With appendix.                

ISBN 978-1-903724-08-8

How to Write: Reading Groups, organised three artists Anniken Weber, Sadegh Aleahmad and Sikarnt Skoolisayaporn, live Action about how to Write and How to Read: Writing Groups with transcription and text.

Five Years Publications, October 1, Public Series No.7, 2016 with Co-Authors: Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, 5. p 117-133                  

ISBN -978-1-903724-17-0

Bahnhofstrasse 33, Art Photography Book, Glausnitzer-Smith and Nico Jäkel 

produced in Berlin. Oktober 2011.ISBN 978-3-00-035199-0

Schichten, Art Photography Book, produced Braunschweig 2016

by Glausnitzer-Smith and Nico Jäckel.                                                                                                                                    

ISBN 978-3-00-052894-1


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